Melodia Ruiz Gutierrez, known worldwide as Melody, is the first Spanish artist to have reached number one in more than 15 countries and sell more than a million copies, when she was only 10 years of age.  She has made numerous concert tours both in her home country and abroad, supported by thousands of fans that have accompanied her faithfully throughout her concerts in Latin America.


     At 27 years of age, Melody has not gone unnoticed.  She already has 8 studio discs to her credit with which she has captivated the music world.  She has also participated in various television programmes as judge, where her sympathy and charisma have resulted in the programme being the most watched of the moment.


     With a career of more than 17 years she is considered one of the most prolific artists of the moment, demonstrated in 2013 with her participation in “Tu Cara me Suena”  (in English,  “Your Face Looks Familiar”).  In this series of 19 shows she brilliantly imitated artists such as Gloria Trevi, Thalia, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Natalia Jimenez, Ana Torroja and Rocio Jurado amongst others, ensuring that her interpretations were the most viewed on YouTube surpassing 45 million viewings.


     In 2014 she made the jump to the big screen in the film “Ahora O Nunca” (in English “Now Or Never”) in which she gave life to the part of Irene.  This comedy reached number 1 in ticket sales in Spain, achieving 9.4 million euros.


     Among others, she has collaborated on the most prestigious series in the country, “Cuentame Como Paso”.  Melody has filmed with Spanish film director Paco Leon, a history of the life of Ava Gardner, in which Melody dons the part of Carmen Sevilla, a wellknown Spanish artiste.


     The modelling world has always been close to hand and she has worked with big fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana, Channel and Dior among others.


     Today, Melody who has numerous Grammy, Billboard or Premios Tu Musica nominations and awards under her belt, is residing in Miami where she is producing her new record releases.

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